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The birth of a baby is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. The emotions associated with the birth of a new family member are unique – joy, tears, lots of news and the will to remember this day for a lifetime! That is why we have created such a souvenir for you – a personalized poster with your toddler’s name sheet: name, date of birth, weight and height on the day of birth. Thanks to this, in the course of everyday life, when there is no time for duties, you will always find something that will remind you of this magical moment. Treat yourself to emotions and memories of this happy moment – order a poster today!


Whether you are an uncle, grandmother or a friend from work – you are surely looking for the perfect gift for the birth of a new family member. Among the proposals on the Internet you can find a lot of ideas, but few of them give you the possibility of such extensive personalization, and what’s more – you do not know whether they will evoke the emotions of parents or children as they should. Poster.Baby is a gift that directs the parent’s thoughts to the most beautiful day in his life, which is why it is ALWAYS a great idea for a gift. The toddler’s first birthday, birth or other occasion – we guarantee success and a gift for the whole family!


Poster.Baby are stylish posters that can be additionally personalized according to your taste and needs. Background color, pattern or frame, plus appropriate inscriptions – you create your dream poster yourself! The style of the posters is minimalist, so they are perfect for Scandinavian, industrial, boho, etc. interiors. The richness of background colors or frames allows you to choose them according to the color of the wall, making it a consistent element of your decorations.

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