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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Poster.Babies?

A personalized art poster with illustrations of the child’s size at birth in a 1: 1 scale. You can customize the poster to your taste and needs. Today, a poster is not only a poster with an advertisement or announcement – it is a decorative element that performs the same function as an artistic picture. • Poster Baby • is an illustration with a stylized picture of your toddler, name, date of birth, weight and height of your child.

Can I get a poster in my preferred language?

All our posters have been translated into 7 languages. If your language is not available, write to us and we will help you make a poster in your preferred language.

How does it work?

On our website, on the “Create your poster” subpage, you enter the birth of your child: name, length, weight and date, location, and choose the photo you like. The image on the poster will reflect the actual length of your baby on the day of his birth. We will print the poster as you design it. The length of the child is considered to be the length from the forehead to the heel, because the children’s illustrations are not in the same plane and the natural posture of the child, the child’s length is the anatomical combination of the length of the torso and legs.

Is the frame included?

No, the frame is sold separately. You can buy the poster in the version of your choice: digital – electronic format for self-printing; print – printed format, but without a frame; premium print – format printed with a frame of your choice.

What's the poster's size??

Poster.Baby i The Duo Poster.Baby mają rozmiar 19,7 x 27,6 cala (50×70 cm).

What does "digital poster" mean?

You place an order and within 2 hours of payment you will receive a PDF file ready for printing (50x70cm). All you need to do is send the file to be printed and choose a frame suitable for the design of your home.

What is a premium print poster?

You place an order and receive the PDF file within 2 hours after payment. And also, within the next 5 working days, you will receive a 50×70 cm printed poster.

Does the print version include a frame?

Nie, rama jest sprzedawana oddzielnie. Zaletą wersji drukowanej jest to, że otrzymujesz unikalny plakat w wersji drukowanej, a jako bonusową wersję cyfrową dostarczamy również twój wydrukowany plakat “od drzwi do drzwi”. Proszę pamiętać, że rama nie jest wliczona w cenę, rama jest sprzedawana oddzielnie w wersji premium print.

What kind of paper is the poster printed on?

Our posters are printed on 180 gsm acid-free matte paper. The poster does not fade and is durable for a long time, which makes it a memento of the birth of a child for many years.

I have additional questions, how can I contact you?

You can contact us by e-mail using the following address:

Instagram: Poster.baby.online

Facebook: Poster.baby.online

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